Monday, May 6, 2013

Green schemes may push up fuel bills

"Leading energy companies have told the government it needs urgently to review the costs of its latest green energy programme, which one group claims could add as much as £100 a year to household power bills."

Yes. And that is kind of the point. Dirty energy should be more expensive. After all, someone is already paying for it. And the chances are that person is way poorer than the average blog reader (check how rich you are compared with the rest of the world here), however squeezed people are right now. 

If dirty energy prices rise, it would encourage energy saving efforts (around 6% of energy consumed in western homes is from phantom loads - i.e. when you leave your TV on stand-by or you leave a cell phone charger plugged in with no cell phone attached). Plenty of other money-saving efforts still remain. Putting in energy-saving bulbs will save money. Getting your loft insulated will save money (and you can sort out your junk at the same time).

Read the rest of the FT article HERE (behind firewall, register for a free article).

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