Monday, July 30, 2012

Tradable green energy certificates in Romania

This story from Agerpres appeared in my in-box today but I can't find the internet link:

"As many as 36,9000 green certificates namely 15,200 in the first session and 21,700 in the second session, were traded on the Centralized Green Certificates Market (PCCV), in July 2012, read data OPCOM energy market operator made public.

Five purchase and 32 sale bids were launched and the closure price amounted to 241.05 lei per certificate in the first July session. Eight purchase and 26 sale bids were launched in the second session, when the closure price was 240.98 lei per certificate.

As many as 388,003 green certificates have been traded on PCCV, since early this year. The green certificate is a document attesting 1MWh electricity generated from renewable energy sources. The renewable energy sources eligible to participate in the Green Certificate negotiation system are the water energy made use of in the power plants having an installed power of utmost 10MW, the wind energy, the sun energy and the geothermal energy and the associated fuel gases, biomass, biogas, waste and mud fermentation gas from the wastewater treatment plants.

The mandatory annual quota for 2012 amounts to 8.3 percent of the electricity supplied by each supplier to the end users.

The national targets for the electricity consumption amount to 35 percent and to 38 percent in the perspective of the year 2015 and 2020 respectively."

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